The Hammer, The Drill, The Bricks... these are the tools of the typical construction company. TRICON Construction strives to go beyond what you have come to expect from a general contractor. In addition to our team of construction professionals, we employ experienced draftsman and designers and offer Architectural certification in all 50 states. We will work with you to value engineer your current program or to develop a new design. Our design and construction teams work together to ensure a commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Together we deliver projects of exceptional quality uncompromised by unrealistic objectives. To us, a construction project does not begin with a set of drawings; it begins with the client and their unique requirements. At TRICON we are dedicated to meet these requirements. 

TRICON also offers nationwide teams of millwork and fixture installers. Whether you need to install custom millwork or an entire full store rollout, our professionals will coordinate shipping, staging and installation. Our in house project management team is dedicated to the needs of our clients. We will begin a new installation utilizing your schedule or create a schedule encompassing the requirements of the manufacturer, shipper and installation team. Proper coordination of an installation will ensure that your project be completed on time and within budget.